A Multimodern Digital Music Publishing

Now a dragon, now a snake, You transform with the times. And never consent to be one thing alone.


As a guitarist and composer, I am involved in many diverse projects. Primarily,  these are compositions, arrangements, and mixed media events that are in the cross-section of diverse aesthetics, and idioms. For the convenience of mental clarity, I follow philosopher S. Eisenstadt’s theory of Multiple Modernities, which can give us a certain historical perspective on contemporary culture.

The anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake, explains the theory with these words: « The Multiple Modernities concept is a recent approach to understanding music in a culturally-decentered world.  The approach treats music globally, appreciating that from earliest times, until the invention of written scores, musicians have been composers-performers-improvisers. Therefore, musicians can become cultural pluralists, able to deeply integrate (not just “borrow”) the aesthetic sensibilities of other and different cultures .» (from Tradition and Synthesis).

For that reason, I have conceived Singidunum Music as a publishing company that encourages multiplicity of forms and aesthetics within the same framework. If being creative today means being an artistic acrobat with a head in Europe, body in Africa and spirit in Asia, then maybe this place could be a cosmopolitan virtual musical garden in which to plant creative seeds for the present and for the future.

Dusan Bogdanovic, Geneva, 2020

Link to the Multiple Modernities Festival 2016 video: